Welcome Spring

If you were as lucky as I was today and could spend the day outside you surely won't have been disappointed. 
My orchids have been superb this spring, the magnolias are all but finished and the hippies are just beginning to throw flower spikes.

I just had to get outside in this gorgeous sunshine and get to work...

This garden chair is the first of the spring projects....all sanded and one coat of oil...will finish off this project tomorrow I hope.
No stitching tonight....just a tad tired.

Happy, sunny days


  1. I am hoping for the same weather on my day off tomorrow. I should probably sand my timber bench too........

  2. The weather has been delightful and my azalea - I have only one but that's a story for another day - is covered in pretty blooms. It's raining today in Sydney and the garden really needs it. I'm hoping that chair gets a seat or balancing on the edge is going to be a tad tricky!