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I just couldn't resist using those lovely new fabrics.....Paint Box by Laundry Basket Quilts mixed with a little French General.....and what else, I havn't quite decided yet.
This is the first peek at the new sewing book I am working on. It is just evolving at the moment, thats the exciting part about stitching....you never quite know what will be next!
I am loving the chintz fabric the most.
Not so sure about those nasty 1/4" hexagons though.
Hope to have this ready for Springwood Quilt show at the end of April!!



"Paint Box" by Moda

Just a quick message to let everyone know that the beautiful new fabrics from Moda are here.
There are 10 gorgeous fabrics by Laundry Basket Quilts ... "Paint Box", which I am just dying to use.
You can purchase these fabrics from a minimum of 10cm or you might like to have a piece of each in a fat 1/8th pack.
Paint box (350 x 233)
Now if you are the first 10 customers to order a fat 1/8th pack of "Paint Box" you can have free postage on this item.
Please quote ref No. PBFREE in your shopping cart comment box and leave the shipping district empty.
(Applicable to Australian Shoppers Only)
Click Here to purchase.
Don't forget you can now shop in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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Every Tuesday and Thursday
10am - 3.30pm
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Yesterday I was waiting for burgers to take to my hard working son and husband, and whilst doing this was watching a man getting ready to get on his motor bike and drive off.
His preparation was taking some time I noticed.....put on the jacket, then place this padded harness across his back, and I was thinking to myself....why the harness? He then turned around and I saw written on the back of the padded section were the words...."Go dog Go"!
At this point I could see a small Jack Russell terrior waiting by his feet.....with the cutest pink striped jumper on to keep warm.
He then bent down and lifted the dog onto the seat of the bike, pulled out the smallest dog harness I have ever seen and placed it on the dog. Picking up the dog by the harness, as if it were a litre of milk, he then placed her onto the petrol tank, put his helmet on, clipped the dog harness to the front of the padded harness he was wearing and finished off by placing the special sized goggles for his obviously much loved girl.
And here they are Ruby and her driver.
ruby the dog[1]
Just too cute.