Loads of new fabrics have been arriving but alas the new website is not yet up and running.
So if you would like some of the following new fabrics then feel free to email me your phone number and I will get back to you ASAP to take your order.

"Bessies Blues" by Molly B's Studio...$22 pm.

"Shirts and Ties" by Judy Rothermel $22 p/m

"Landon Creek"...by Paula Barnes...$22 p/m

"Prairie Gatherings" by Pam Buda $22p/m

Just a quick note to say that my furry bestie is home from the hospital and is getting better by the day. I have the offending needle....its looking rather like a small Clover applique needle....nasty thing.
Can't let this happen again!

Have a great day