A helping hand

We can all do with a helping hand sometimes and that doesnt just mean with making the dinner or washing up (boring)! I am lucky to have a husband that does these things as well as other boring jobs for me when I am really busy with sewing projects that just need to get finished.
Husbands who are not sewers but have skills that we patchworkers need also come to the rescue.

Take Sue's beautiful quilt. Not only does her husband draft the quilting pattern but he removes the glass sliding doors from within their home, takes them outside and and elevates them, places here quilt top over them and then traces the quilting design on for her. WOW! how's that?

Sue has quilted the darker setting triangles with shashiko quilting and the result is just spectacular.

You can see in this image those wonderful even stitches.

Maxine is always busy sewing and bought along her very big elongated hexagon quilt to show everyone.This design was originally made by Lucy Boston of England. Every inch is hand pieced and thats maxine on the left.

My own quilt is still in the "box" unfinished....oh well one day perhaps!

Until next time