Mid North Coast weekend

What a fantastic weekend away I have just had on the mid north coast.
Great food (too much!), fabulous students and amazing hosts.
The weather was perfect, the views amazing and the early morning quiet worked wonderfully together.
Some of the ladies were making "Lindy Lou"....they were plodding along at their own pace making these pretty blocks from reproduction fabrics....

Most of the other ladies were working on their "Feeling Blue" quilts using both needle turn applique and machine appliqué....
Marj decided to make her quilt a "Feeling Red" version...which I cant wait to see finished...
In fact I cant wait to see them all finished.
I awoke each morning to a pretty setting amongst the trees....

And this perfect view each day....ahh another weekend in paradise.
I hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did.



  1. looks like a good weekend...........

  2. Looks lovely......crafty and relaxing.

  3. A delightful way to spend a weekend!