Hi Everyone...just a quick note to let you know that I now have  a new Facebook page....

This page will be a dedicated for clearance items that can also be found on my website.... I thought I would add another page to FB so that you can check out the specials as I add them...and as most of us are on FB each day each new post will pop up on your feed if you follow me...etc...we all know how it works....so today I have added...."Hyde Park" by Blackbird Designs for Moda...."Red is the New Neutral" by Faye Burgos and "Sturbridge" by Kathy Schmitz for Moda.

Follow the link and take a peek....these are no nonsense....moving out prices....small pieces and large...

Each post has a link back to the website to allow you to purchase....just be sure to read the information in "Red" for each product when you are on the website.

Grab a bargain

Delightful Things....

I am so excited to have my first finish and new pattern for 2017!
"Delightful Things" is my first pattern that includes felted wool applique and I just love using this method....I think I will have to do more!

Made with scraps from my stash for the hexagons nothing has gone to waste!
I made good use of all of those tiny little bits that I just can't bear to throw away.

And there is a surprise on the inside.....

I just couldn't stop!

Pattern and kits are available now on the website...
Click here to learn more.

Bally Hall

I just wanted to share that "Bally Hall" by Di Ford Hall will be here next week....well all but 6 items....these will be delivered by 20th Feb...so if you would like to secure your pieces then pop on over to the website and place your order.....Oooo so lucious!....Here is a taste....

Click here to view the others....


A big Happy New Year to everyone.
I for one have been looking forward to that calendar turning over...so many things went wrong in 2016 so we are glad to see the last of it!

On a brighter note, although I dont like summer that much,
I do however love December and January because that is my time at home to create, begin and hopefully  finish off those projects for the coming business year.

I managed to get the mini pineapple quilt quilted..

"Autumn Garden" has been basted and ready for quilting...

I am still finishing the quilting on the last border of " The Chatsworth Quilt"...I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be finished with!

Oh ...and i thought I would begin a new project!....I have been making some lovely felted wool items (see my last post)...and am hooked!...so here is a little peek at "Delightful Things".....pattern coming soon.

My progress on " Charlotte " is coming along....the centre is complete and I am now beginning work on the next round of borders....but this is another story!