Cherry Fizz

As promised here is the next installment of the pretty little cot quilt I have decided to name "Cherry Fizz".

In this window of four assorted fabrics I have quilted using DMC perle 8 thread (not shown in this image) and the result has been great.

Now here is a little the shape with the bias underneath the straight edge when sewing and this will help to eliminate any stretching.

As you may have guessed this project is almost finished and has an easy pieced border. You should be able to see the finished item some time next week.

This is the second block in what I've named "The Little Civil War Quilt". Coming together just fine I am about to add the last borders and write the pattern.

Things are all systems go at the moment...the creative thoughts have been working overtime this week.


Feels like Autumn

How wonderful to feel the crisper mornings and slightly cooler days along with those slightly earlier sunsets. I for one dont like summer very much and welcome winter with open arms.
The little crocus in my garden that are blooming at the moment certainly agree with me.
My family had a lovely visit from my dad and mum and friends of theirs from the USA. They are currently travelling on the Amsterdam, a ship from the Holland America fleet on which my dad teaches Tai Chi. The US visitors had a lovely day having lunch and a visit to Somersby Falls which is just around the corner from where I live. How lucky I am.
Now this is a picture of Jeff who hates snakes but toughed it out for the camera with my daughters python.
Jeff has a wonderful BLOG... where he posts daily from wherever he is in the world. He travels for 10 months of the year....thats amazing!

Jeff behind one of the many waterfalls.

And some of the wildlife.

Stayed tuned for the next installment of images from the "Little Civil War" Quilt and "Cherry Fizz" quilts.