A big Happy New Year to everyone.
I for one have been looking forward to that calendar turning over...so many things went wrong in 2016 so we are glad to see the last of it!

On a brighter note, although I dont like summer that much,
I do however love December and January because that is my time at home to create, begin and hopefully  finish off those projects for the coming business year.

I managed to get the mini pineapple quilt quilted..

"Autumn Garden" has been basted and ready for quilting...

I am still finishing the quilting on the last border of " The Chatsworth Quilt"...I am beginning to wonder if it will ever be finished with!

Oh ...and i thought I would begin a new project!....I have been making some lovely felted wool items (see my last post)...and am hooked!...so here is a little peek at "Delightful Things".....pattern coming soon.

My progress on " Charlotte " is coming along....the centre is complete and I am now beginning work on the next round of borders....but this is another story!



  1. Beautiful quilts need beautiful quilting so take your time. The pineapple mini is terrific and your new felted wool project is a tease!

  2. Good to see you keeping busy. Your projects are looking fabulous.