Lots going on....

There is no doubting the power of Spring.
This fabulous time of the year just makes you want to get things done.

"The Chatsworth Quilt" has benefited from the change in weather....and also being home more often has helped!

I have been cracking on and the first round of applique borders are now in place along with the little red border....and as you can see I am now onto the border with the Snow Ball blocks.

Lots of cutting here but with nothing on the telly to distract me...its all systems go!

As I said in my previous post I will be away next week.....so not wanting to take the machine with me....I am madly cutting up all of those nasty little bits that I just can't bare to throw away!....and making four patches ready for  hand applique whilst I am relaxing.

So this is what I have so far.....think I better make some more.

Hmm I know there was an idea there somewhere!

Enjoy this beautiful time of year.


  1. Loving the quilt as its growing, and the sweet little 4 patches.

  2. Little 4 patches are so simple and cute.......you can't have a holiday without some hand sewing! Enjoy your break.