Well it is lovely to be home after such a busy month. I decided to take my quilts to the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh last month. There was much interest in what I make and lots of great compliments on my work.
I was lucky enough to be placed right next door to Carol Hopkins (one of my favourite quilt authors). Such a lovely lady, she kindly lent me some items that I left at home!!!

My husband came along to "carry the bags" and we both were overwhelmed with the friendliness of not only the people at Quilt Market but those people we met in Pittsburgh in general. 
These are before and after shots of our booth. This event was a huge learning curve for me and I will be back at Market again next year in Minneapolis next year.

We continued over to Lancaster County for a few days and then onto Philadelphia for 3 days before flying home. This part of our journey was the "holiday" part of our stay and we thoroughly enjoyed both these places very much with their lovely old buildings, antique shops and country scenes.

This lovely brass section of an old bank took my eye as a potential quilt border...

and these lovely little wool pieces had to of course come home with me.

Thanks to everyone for making our stay just great.



  1. What a wonderful experience! Your stall looked lovely so no surprise at all the interest.

  2. How exciting. Your stand looks great. Those areas would have to be the dream destination of many quilters.

    1. Quilter or not Pennsylvania is a lovely place to visit...tbanks Susan

  3. wonderful that you could make the trip to the USA......your stand looks great..........and a little relaxing with it........yippee..........