Hi and Welcome,

May has begun, the days are shorter and my office here is cold, so I will quickly give you an update of what has been happening.
April was so busy with 4 shows!
Fairholme quilters had their 30th Anniversary show and it was a gem as always and 
Caroline Bay had its 3rd quilt exhibition and the only disappointment on the weekend was the weather. The rain just had to make an appearance!

One day later I was off to AQC in Melbourne and thank you to everyone who made this a very enjoyable show. The response to my patterns and items was overwhelming and I have only just completed the after show orders!

This stand was just amazing. They sold lovely braid and habby items. As you can see it was like going back in time....beautiful.

And of course my favourite stand at the show Somerset Patchwork...always something good to buy from Karen.

The last weekend of April saw me at the Springwood Quilt Exhibition which as always is a wonderful event.

The big news for me is that on Monday May 12th my husband I will be heading over to America to exhibit at the Spring Market Wholesale Market in Pittsburgh. After lots of encouragement from friends we made the big decision to go ahead and do this and oh how that time has come around so quickly. We have no expectations, only to enjoy ourselves and have a bit of a holiday afterwards.
Louise will be here on Tuesdays and Thursdays to help you so give her a call if you need anything.
I will keep you posted via Facebook. So be sure to jump on over to FB and take a peek next week.

Enduring Legacy/Old Sturbridge by Judy Rothermel has just arrived in 13 wonderful choices.
I am having a slice of all of them!
click here to purchase.

Yorktown c 1930 is certainly lovely in  muted colours. New  from Blue Hill fabrics I am sure you will enjoy these beauties.

Click Here to Purchase


Four lovely fabrics in red and brown are here from Moda. Millbook 1852 is rich and beautiful.
And of course Ladies Album by Barbara Brackman has arrived but is selling fast!
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  1. Have a wonderful trip Carol, I'm sure they will love your stand.