Tocal Retreat November 2013

What a great weekend we all had.
Lots of laughing, a few tears, great company and some sewing was all done over the weekend.
The weather was a bit daunting driving up the M1 (was F3...why do they do name changes?) with the rain sounding like rocks hitting the windscreen, but by Sunday afternoon it was a perfect day.

As usual the machines were working overtime from the time everyone arrived after lunch at the local pub right up until Sunday afternoon. Much was achieved by  everybody whether it be in tangible items to take home or in making big decisions over quilts yet to come.

There was a quiet corner of hand sewers and Lynette was one of those ladies. Lynette does the finest needlework embroidery as well as lovely quilts.
This lovely sample is hand pieced and she is now embroidering the top before tying the layers together. Just beautiful work.

Of course there was  the Friday Night Mud Map Mystery Project. This year it was a simple table runner......with some complications! They didn't all turn out the correct size, but hey they sure look good.

Thanks also to my friend Kim who comes along each retreat and takes care of the food. Making sure that we are looked after with yummy goodies to consume.

To see all of the images including the great show and tell, hop on over to FB and take a peek.


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