This morning we have had lots of much welcomed rain....along with some very LOUD thunder.
The grass is suddenly greener and the flowers so much brighter. How nice to have the dust and bushfire feeling washed away.
My four legged baby does not like the thunder (just like many of his kind) and spends the duration of the storm under the dining table or tucked away in some far dark recess of the house.

To go to the bathroom on my own is a mission in itself!
I thought this morning whilst the storm was doing its thing outside that I would take an hour and do some quilting.....rotating between this joyful past time and some other mundane job so my elbow doesn't hurt so much.
3 lovely ladies from my sewing group arrived to do some shopping and as soon as my back was turned some one thought he might like to have a good old chew on the lovely perle thread I am using!
The mess on the left is headed for the bin and the piece on the right is what I think I can save!
Just as well it wasn't the quilt!
Roll on adult hood and leave the puppy stage behind.

 I do love him though!



  1. Oooooh, that thread....I am sure he had a wonderful time, probably took his mind off the thunder..;o))

  2. Mmmm, I wish Jane he has been a naughty boy all week!