Cherrybrook Quilters Exhibition

I know that I am late in posting these images but time has slipped away from me.
These ladies at Cherrybrook Quilters just put on such an amazing show, all the way from their amazing quilts (so much talent in this group) right down to their wonderful morning teas.
The floral arrangements are always just perfect too.
If you missed this exhibition then I am sorry you will have a few years to wait for the next one. And you can see why with the work that goes into these quilts. Hand piecing and hand quilting feature in this group which is lovely to see. But along with these techniques there are also wonderful machine piecing and awesome quilting.
In the mean time I hope you enjoy these.


 The hand quilting in Nola's quilt (above) is just wonderful.

 Over 100 hours of custom machine quilting in this Dear Jane quilt.
The top is all hand pieced.
This is Margaret's version of the Sundial Quilt.
This amazing quilt is all pieced by hand over papers.
I think the best version I have seen.

 Karen Mathews amazing wedding quilt!

And of course this is my stand with two new quilts in progress (on the back wall) which will be available in 2014.


  1. Congratulations on a nice show!

  2. Lovely photos & heaps of inspiration Carol. Thanks for sharing. Just signed up as a follower too :-)

  3. Some outstanding quilts at this show - thanks so much for showing us! I especially love the Wedding Quilt , and the quilt in the picture after it ...amongst others!