Miss Elizabeth

I thought I would keep everyone upto date with the new quilt on the block....."Miss Elizabeth".
She and I have been patiently getting ourselves together....524 hexagons of various size, 82 honeycomb shapes and 279 various 6 pointed star diamonds and of course there was lots and lots of fussy cutting.
Miss Elizabeth
Miss Elizabeth
Throughout the process of the quilt I made myself use mostly fabrics that I had stashed away (and there was lots) and to also view some of those fabrics differently when looking to fussy cut them. It was also quite demanding to use fabric that I didn't have a great fondness for and also to only use fabrics once in each row.
I think this may be my favourite
I think this may be my favourite
Or is it this one!
Or is it this one!
As usual I can't seem to stay away from those lovely cherry pink colours so I definitely don't think my son will be asking for this labour of love.
Being that it has just taken me 4 hours to write the pattern, and that is just the first draft as I always check my patterns several times before printing, and no diagrams are yet in place, the whole process from devising the product, making the quilt and then getting the pattern out to you is like watching a slow growing tree giving its all!

Oh yes and then there is the hand quilting to come!

So hopefully, "Miss Elizabeth" will be out there for all to enjoy in the next 8 weeks or so.....fingers crossed.


  1. Beautiful! that looks such a fun quilt to make :)
    And so striking in those colours...
    Every Stitch

    1. thanks so much it has been a great quilt to make