Hi Everyone,
I thought I would just share with you a personal achievment of my children.
My daughter, Shelley has been saving for her own home sinse she was 15 and her brother Ethan joined the band wagon some 3 years ago.
Sister and brother, they have shared many "barnies" with each other, have supported each other through their sporting carees in Karate and I think deep down are the best of buddies. They will always "Look out" for each other and whilst they like to party hard they also work hard.
They have both travelled much of this country and the world and at such young ages of 23 and 21 they are well on the way to a finacially secure future
(I Hope!).
This leads me on to say how happy and proud as parents we are of all their achievments because this week they took possesion of the keys to their first home together.
They are currently busy down there washing and painting walls and have such big ideas for their older home on a quarter acre.
My underlying message would be....support your children in everything they do. It may be the good times of achievment and the not so good times of trouble, the 3am pickup and drop offs or the 6 extra bodies on the floor that were not there when you went to bed! Tell them everyday that you love them and ultimately when they do grow up, and you can see that all those sleepless nights have been worth it.
We love them both.
Carol and Martin

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