Springwood Community Quilt Show

I am home again after 4 lovely days in the Blue Mountains at Springwood.
The Springwood Community Quilt Show never disappoints and this year was no exception.

The weather was just perfect...except for a little rain on Friday afternoon which certainly did drop the temperature a degree or two.

I was excited to see another version of my Turkish Delight pattern hanging in the show. Beautifully made by Jeanette McKechnie and machine quilted by Suzie Anderson of Leura Quilting.

Such an assortment of beautifully hand and machined quilts were on display with certainly something for everyone's taste.

As there is each year, there was a diverse range of shops  for the visitors to enjoy, selling everything from fabrics, notions, finished items, china and antique items....I certainly came home with one or two little extras.

So I hope that you have enjoyed a small glimpse of a great show.....

Oh and of course I have managed to do a little stitching on the Sunday whilst I was there...

and now I can't stop....stayed tuned.



  1. wow so pleased you shared a couple of pics............darn I had a wedding........next year........maybe next year...........like the sewing.....

  2. We'll be in the mountains in a couple of weeks for our retreat, so a visit to this wasn't an option. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Enjoy seeing the work of other quilters. Thanks for sharing.