Here is a lesson to be learnt for all dog owners who sew! On Thursday of this week (19th February) I am off to SASH (small animal surgical hospital) in Sydney with my four legged bestie. He has collected off the floor what we believe to be a sewing needle and swallowed it. The offending needle is stuck in his neck. He will be having an endoscope procedure to hopefully remove the needle and hopefully will avoid any other sort of  surgery. For those who know my "big baby" you also know what he means to me so.......please always place your needle in your NEEDLE BOOK when it is not in use. This is a lesson to be learnt for everyone. If its not your pet it may well be your child or grandchild that suffers this painful event or god forbid worse.....

So for anyone who was thinking of coming to pay a visit at the shop tomorrow could you please put it off for another day as my "baby" needs more....thanks Carol


  1. Oh dear Carol, that could so easily happen to any of us. Hope your buddy is ok.......and you too. x

  2. The folks at SASH are simply wonderful. They will do their very best to care for your best mate.