Christmas is upon us and so for those of us myself who have left it all until the last moment.....its now time to panic!!

Thank you everyone who has helped and supported me this year in my is greatly appreciated.

2015 will have lots of new things happening for shows...Brisbane and Canberra....A new website...that's almost done now....classes and workshops ( have to organize that yet!) and of course new patterns and LOTS of beautiful new fabrics.....Oooo can't wait for these.

February only will have a change of trading hours for those of you who can't get away from work...

New trading hours for FEBRUARY only will be.... 
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.....9.30 am until 3.30pm
Saturday 9.30 am until 12.30pm

There will be classes during February but I will get back to you with that information in a few days.

Back to reality....The Feeling Blue Quilt is off at the quilters, the pattern is finished and kits will soon be available......

.I have almost finished quilting The Spool Quilt's looking so pretty....starter packs for this will be available next year.

and I have started on a BOM....not sure as to how I feel about this one yet!

Please note the trading hours for December / January are....
Closed from the afternoon of 11th December and will reopen 12th January.
Internet orders as usual.

So thanks again....have a safe and happy Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year.

until next time


  1. have a lovely christmas.........looking forward to seeing those finished quilts...........

    1. Thanks Donna I can't wait to see them finished too!

  2. Happy New Year! Thank goodness the Spool Quilt starter packs won't be ready till next year. I'm working on UFOs this year. Can't wait to see Feeling Blue finished.