Its wonderful to be spending some time at home....painted the wood work around the front and back doors  ....sounds boring but it was very much needed and painting is one of those instant transformations that really don't take long to do.

Thought I would share with you though my latest purchases.....Picked this great little desk up at a shop in Yarramalong (Central Coast NSW ) and as if the actual desk isn't cute enough the little brass plaque you can see on the front of the  document box reads...."Patent applied for March 11th 1918". I am going to try and chase down the history of this little piece of furniture....Oh and the document box folds down into the desk top.

Stopped in at the French Market last Saturday and nabbed this wonderful bench seat, candles and pretty linen coat hangers....just love them all.

until next time


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    1. Thanks Chooky....can't wait to see more of your EPP.

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  3. Terrific purchases Carol. Sadly, I had too much on this weekend to get to that market.

    1. Thats a shame Dasha it was a lovely morning

  4. Love that little desk, what a treasure.