I decided today that I would have a sewing day and nothing else.
With that decision made all things started well......
I finished off my latest Blackbird Designs pincushion..."Summer Iris" and can't wait to begin the next in the series.

I began working on my challenge quilt for our quilt show in April of this year. Those little hour glass blocks have been so fiddly! And why is it that all is going well until 1pm and then out comes the quick unpick and the thread keeps coming out of the needle of the machine.....arrrrr!
Anyway it seems to be coming along ok. At least I will finally have something to display for the show.
And whilst working on the challenge, all I can think of is the next project.... Will I paper piece or hand piece the 8 pointed stars?
....no wonder I don't sleep.
I am thinking I will paper piece using this beautiful piece of Yuwa fabric for the centre.

Now 2 weeks ago my husband was out the shed making my new cutting table when.....the angle grinder jumped up and cut his knee, requiring 8 stitches.
So 2 weeks later I know have my new table.
The lovely Oregon legs are from an 80 year old bed frame and the top is beechwood from our old kitchen bench tops. You can see we don't throw anything away!.
Yay, no more sore back from working on a  table that wasn't the correct height.

Happy Stitching



  1. What a great decision for a Sunday! Love your little pincushion and the challenge quilt. Very curious to see that diamond border develop too. I hope your hubby is recovering, the table looks worth the pain and suffering.

    1. Thanks Susan all is well and the table is working perfectly.