Home alone at Easter!

Home alone at Easter might sound a little sad to some, but I must say I am enjoying every second of it.
I have been out and about in the garden doing some much needed tidying up and of course some stitching and planning.
The roses are doing their last minute thing and its just started to rain just to add a little more freshness to the air.
The nimble fingers have been working hard on these cute little spools.
I think they might go towards making a soft and pretty baby quilt with some applique of course!

I really needed to make some of these little blocks after seeing the lovely quilt that a friend, Lisa, has just completed. Really very pretty and she is going to use it as a table cloth!!

Well "no rest for the wicked" as they say, I am off now to help the kids do some painting on their house.....there is method in my madness though....because the sooner the painting is finished the sooner they come and get the rest of their belongings and I can use that space for.........more sewing things!


  1. Enjoy having the weekend to yourself.......and the painting. Cute spools.

  2. Lovely garden photos and the spool quilt is so pretty. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  3. Your quilt is beautiful. Uninterrupted sewing, how good is that. Happy Easter. Hugs.....

    1. Unfortunately the quilt is not mine Noela, but it is beautiful!