"Lucy in a Hurry"

I thought I would give you a little sneek peak at what I am up to at the moment.
Lucy Boston...Patchwork of the crosses has been so popular. I started mine about 3 years ago. I made all of the lovely pretty centres and then came the boring plain colour joining shapes.....oh and then would have come the fussy cut squares......STOP!....
I just can't do this anymore. I know, I will put it away in a box until I can get my head around it!!!!!.......Well as we all know that is the first mistake.
So in the box poor old Lucy stayed until recently.....Out she came and so did the quick unpick.
Away went the the boring plain colour joining shapes.....the fussy cut squares just never happened......and all of the pretty blocks were then appliqued onto new background squares.......Why didn't I do this in the first place?
So "Lucy in a Hurry" is all back together in her new look and currently being quilted, ready for her debut in 2013.
I guess the moral(s) of the story could be.....don't forget those projects that have been put away....give them a new lease on life......or how long will that long term quilt really take to finish!
Oh and she has a really zingy border!

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