3 faces of "Evie"

Its amazing how we imagine things differently to one another. And isn't that wonderful because it would be a boring old world it we didn't.
My quilt pattern "Evie" just came to me without too much thought, it was the fabric that told me what to do. I had really wanted to make the pieced block using pink fabric for quite a while, and then when I saw the range of fabrics from Julie Wallace and Yuwa I knew I was on the right path.
 I have used needle turn applique for the orange peel blocks. The rest of the quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted. The result (I think) is a pretty and soft to the touch girlie quilt.

During the weekend of the Eastwood quilt show, Marijke was telling me how much she liked my Evie quilt and had bought the pattern from me at last years Darling Harbour quilt show. The quilt is now finished and she had changed the pattern to utilize the quilt as you go method. This suited Marijke to make the quilt this way as it allowed her to quilt with smaller blocks rather than having one large quilt to contend with.

I just love the colours that she has chosen and oh how different to mine it is. Just wonderful Marijke.

And the back is just a pretty.

My friend Kim also loved the quilt but didn't like my pieced blocks. So Kim decided to use the Jacob's ladder block instead. And what a great result. I just love the warm shades of browns, creams and reds. Really are my colours.

So the moral of the story is Take a Chance, don't be frightened to have a go and change a pattern to suit yourself. If when you have finished and you love it then it was all worth the risk. If not then use the experience as a learning curve for the next time.


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